My Minimalist Christmas

My Minimalist Christmas

Every year I want to go all out with Christmas decor, but because we live in a small cottage, we can’t go too overboard. So we’ve created a cozy space by only decorating with the basics. Here is how we achieved that.

We don’t have a fireplace (😔), nor do we have the space to build a replica one. But that's totally okay! We ended up hanging our stockings along the outside wall of our stairs. We also hung a strand of garland and lights to create that cozy vibe. I love that we hung them here because it's the first thing you see when you walk in our front door.


Red and green stockings line a white wall with garland trim.


I wanted to start the advent calendar tradition with my daughter this year, but like I said, our space is limited so we decided to get a calendar that could hang on the wall Vs. a wood one with doors. We got this one at Target. I trimmed ours into three sections to fit in our space.


Three rows of mini red mittens with numbers one through twenty five stitched onto them.


Another thing I like to do is swap out pictures and prints already hanging on my wall with Christmas or winter themed ones. You can download and print your own here! It's especially easy to swap out prints with these DIY floating print frames found here.


Two printed signs framed with minimal wooden frames. One sign says Fa la la and the second says Ho ho ho.


The last and most important piece of decoration is our tree! We decided to get a mini artificial tree this year. It’s the perfect size for our living room!


short artificial Christmas tree set up in a corner. Tree is decorated with lights, red, green and gold ornaments and topped with a gold star.


We will add to our collection as our family grows and as we move into bigger spaces. For now, I'm pleased with our cozy minimal Christmas decor.

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